2020 Fall Writing Frenzy!

I’m participating in the #FallWritingFrenzy contest!! Whoo hoo!

How it works…
Write a KidLit story under 200 words that is inspired by one of the provided images. It’s for any age of KidLit AND the contest is still open (Update: closed now) if you are interested! Find out more here.

Also a quick thank you to Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for hosting the contest!

And now, onto my entry!
I chose this image because it tickled my funny bone. (Please keep reading despite that joke.)

Image 9, courtesy of Unsplash

136 words

Dem Bones

“Hey, Sam! The leg bone’s connected to the…”
“I’m not singing that song again, Bart.”
“Aw come on, pleaasssee?”
“Fine! The leg bone’s connected to the… thigh bone.”
“YES! And the thigh bone’s connected to the… back bone. The back bone’s—”
“You really love that song, don’t you, Bart?”
“Well, it’s all about skeletons and—”
“And we’re skeletons. Yeah I get it, Bart.”
“Lotta kids this year, Sam. But where are all the skeleton costumes?”
“Times are changing. They’re dressing like square people with swords now.”
“Well, at least we still have our song. The neck bone’s connected to the—”

“What the! A talking skeleton!”


“SAM! HELP ME, SAM! That kid took out my leg with his sword!”
“Yeah, Bart. Looks like the leg bone’s not connected to the… thigh bone.”
“That’s heartless, Sam. Heartless.”