The Ugly Doodles – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Copyright 2020 Valeria Wicker, JIMMY Patterson Books

Written By: Valeria Wicker (Author & Illustrator)
Publisher: JIMMY Patterson Books, July 2020, Fiction
Suitable For Ages: 3-6
Themes/Topics: Making art, Fixing mistakes, Perfectionism

Opening: One trip to the museum was all it took for Raven to fall head over heels in love with art.

She wanted to turn her bedroom into a gallery of her own masterpieces…. If only she could make one. Just one masterpiece.

Copyright 2020 Valeria Wicker, JIMMY Patterson Books

Brief Synopsis: Raven wants to create art masterpieces like the ones she sees in the museum, but everything she makes turns out as an ugly doodle. When she tries to hide the doodles away, they come back to haunt her until she figures out what they need.

Why I Like This Book: I love this message that creating art is not something that happens on your first try, but after revisions. It’s reassuring for kids who often think they simply “lack talent” if it doesn’t come out right the first time. My kids loved the little bit of spookiness when the drawings keep moving to new locations on their own. Where were they were going to pop up next and could Raven get rid of them? The illustrations in the book are fabulous! I love how Raven is drawn and the color choices and feel of the book. The doodles and the masterpieces look like something a child could do. All in all, THE UGLY DOODLES is inspiring to young artists, as I witnessed with my 7-year-old daughter. She immediately wanted to color and create masterpieces to hang on the wall after reading the book!

How cute is this?! Copyright 2020 Valeria Wicker, JIMMY Patterson Books

Links To Resources: Hanging your kids’ artwork ideas from Pinterest. This can be really simple and inexpensive. Here’s how we do it in my house (below). We use string, secured with pushpins to the wall and tiny clothespins to hang the art.

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I hope you enjoy THE UGLY DOODLES as much as my family and I did! For more Perfect Picture Book Friday books, check out Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog on Perfect Picture Books.