My First Poetry Friday!

Hello all! This is my first time participating in Poetry Friday. Yay! I recently heard about it from one of my wonderful critique partners, and I’m excited to read new poems and share my own as well! (More about Poetry Friday here.)

This Friday, there is also a giveaway for the lovely picture book, NIGHT WISHES!! It is open until September 30th. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to read it! There are also many other poems to read if you follow the giveaway link.

And now for my first shared poem! *drum roll* I hope it will uplift you! 🙂


I am tiny, gritty, worn-
one piece of sand on a vast beach.
My presence is lost to all,
but those nearest.

And no matter how loud I shout,
the waves drown my voice.
The salt parches my throat.
The water pushes me down.

But I am no piece of dirt.
I am a remnant
of a great crystal
hardened in the magma of the Earth.

And small though I be,
washed and beaten,
stepped on and wind-tossed,
my facets shine.

And though you are worn,
and tiny,
drowned out,
and held down,
the angling sun unites us
And we sparkle,